"This session allowed me to leave the negative emotions behind and continue this path we call life. It was powerful, emotional, soul searching, scary, beautiful. It allowed me to feel again. It was everything I needed. It has been a few months from my session now and I’m smiling again. I remember who I am."

Alexandra M, Client Testimonial

Reiki Treatment
Hatha Class
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Fushion of Kundalini & Shamanic Healing Approaches

Healing sessions combine aspects of Shamanic Healing methods and Kundalini Awakening practices 

Safe & Trusted Guided Regression Services

For clients who are interested in and prepared for past life regression, we can ensure a safe experience

Long-Distance Healing Energy Services

Whether a client is nearby or around the world, we can support with physical and spiritual recovery

Rock Maze

"At times, I felt her warm hands lightly touching my head and stomach, as if she was reaching in and removing the pain. The whole experience felt like a great unburdening. I felt calmer and clearer. When my problems feel too big for me to handle, Luz's healing energy is the remedy for me."

Lisa D, Client Testimonial

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