Sessions (what to expect)

You'll be welcomed with a big hug!

You will then have a little chat about what you would like to work on, as well as a bit of your history.


Next you will lie face-up on a comfortable massage table, fully clothed while Gabriela either pushes on your body in different spots, or her hands are above your body to move strong healing energy.

As Gabriela listens to Soul through intuition and her guides, she will begin to talk with you in very normal and kind conversation.  She will start to tell you what she hears. You should only believe what she says if it feels true to you.  If you don’t understand what is being said, or you don’t agree, please let her know right away. You may laugh, cry, and joke around together as you discover lots and lots of what is actually held within you, then transformed and released from that amazing Being that is YOU!


She'll teach you Heart Breath which propels healing energy through your whole Being allowing you to dissolve old difficult habits and blockages so that you can return to the freedom and wisdom of Soul.  


Blocked or stuck energy holds old habits and traumas that are held within your energy system.  During your session, you may even be able to see their color, feel their location, and even talk with them.  Yes, they do have a voice--a real consciousness!  Then as you forgive, dissolve and release them to the Light, you may re-experience that old trauma as it first leaves your body and energy system.  Have no fear about this because this is a most important step in the healing process.  The pain will subside soon enough, and Gabriela will steadfastly join with you in true, kind compassion to give you great support and confidence to keep up!

Having had these karmic experiences, and then healing them is actually for the purpose of developing amazing abilities within yourself!  As you release and transform each one, this allows the true Light of your Soul, your own true and most authentic Self to shine with greater ease and radiance.  You become free in that area, your life is easier, you naturally respond with greater awareness, insight and ability, and you are more purely your Self!  

You may find that these difficult habits or traumas were first imprinted in your energy system earlier in this life, or even in past lives.  Gabriela may lead you through a regression to re-experience these traumas.  That way, you may spot them in order to release them.  

​As a matter of fact, at the end of a Healing Session, you see yourself in the mirror, you invariably become aware of the very real radiance pouring from their face, people often comment that they look so much younger--a spiritual face lift! That's what happens when tension, worry and fear leave you.

With your most intimate contact with Soul now more available to you, you feel pure love; you actually connect to the deepest part of you so that you feel your own innate worthiness.  The Life Force connects you to your most fulfilling and satisfying Substance.  You are no longer hollow, or have to try to be "someone."  You are YOU in the Lightest and most expansive way, and you realize that you came to Earth for some wonderfully special reason.

Your healing success is a partnership between your healer and yourself. Healing may not be complete in one session but Gabriela may give you reminders or meditations and exercises that you can use in your daily life to keep your healing moving in the right direction. You have to want to be healed and use these tools to create new habits that can dissolve your old patterns. 

Plus, you have gotten the most incredibly trustworthy guidance there could ever be from your very own, extraordinary Soul. Conundrums and confusions are eased out as you find your own most unique answers.  Resistances to life and walls against various situations drop.  You are down-to-earth--never above or below, but so naturally free and present as the wonderfully special Being that you truly are!

These are the gifts of a Light of the Soul Healing session!

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