Lisa D

Beverly Hills, CA

I went to have an in-person session with Luz at her home in South Pasadena. She was warm and welcoming and made me feel right at home. We talked for a few minutes about the issues I was facing which were mostly emotional, especially about fear. She then took me in to a peaceful room and laid down on a massage table. I felt safe and cozy listening to lovely music. I was kind of nervous sharing my problems but Luz was very understanding and not judging at all. In this relaxed state, Luz guided me with very intuitive questions, almost like she knew where to find my pain. Strong feelings cane up from when I was a young child. I guess I finally felt safe enough to express them! I am not a big crier but I admit I really wept! At times, I felt her warm hands lightly touching my head and stomach, as if she was reaching in and removing the pain. The whole experience felt like a great unburdening. I felt calmer and clearer. When my problems feel too big for me to handle, Luz’s healing energy is the remedy for me.

Gerardo Z

Reynosa, Tamaulipas, Mexico

On April 20, 2017, my 29-year-old son became sick overnight with a very large gastric hemorrhage. He had seven surgeries in all because of the complications. He lost a lot of blood and could not hold any more staples because of tissue damage. The doctors told us that he needed to give my son to God and they could not do anything more for him. We took him home with his thorax full of holes and hoses to take out the pus. I was asking for healing on Facebook and Luz contacted me and offered help. Since she began sending healing energy, my son immediately got better and better. After one and a half months, the doctors were shocked by his progress and recovery. The endoscopies showed that he had healed completely! This is because Luz sent healing energy every day. She saved my son's life! 

(translated from Spanish)

Alexandra M

Los Angeles, CA

I am a transgender woman. My father passed into his next life a year ago, and my mother followed six months later. I was having issues at work and I had finally hit the darkest point in my life. Something inside me told me I had to seek help. During my session with Luz, I knew I was there for a reason. In the session I went through a lot of my pain, hurt, emotion, feelings, resentment, and fear. My mother and father’s energy were undeniably there together with me reunited in a space that was neither here nor there. I received the exact answers I needed to continue with my life. I relived my father’s passing near the end of my session, his message was the last thing I needed to understand. This session allowed me to leave the negative emotions behind and continue this path we call life. It was powerful, it was emotional, it was soul searching, it was scary, it was beautiful, it allowed me to feel again, it was everything I needed. It has been a few months from my session now and I’m smiling again. I remember who I am.

Yasna G

Region de Coquimbo, Chile

I contacted Luz for a referral from a friend. My mom has leukemia. When Luz started working with us, my mom was full of lessons and was in the high-risk unit. The doctor told us that her treatment was not getting the expected results and they were going to give her more chemo. Luz told me to believe and that she would be sending her healing energy. She told me that my mom was going to be OK. As soon as she started sending energy the wounds started to heal and she started to eat better. Her health and attitude changed 180 degrees. Her blood tests kept getting better and she didn’t go back on chemo or use any medicine. The doctor said that she can be completely healed in two months and called it a miracle. They said, “We don’t know what you are doing, but keep doing it”. She is now home from the hospital and living her normal life.

(translated from Spanish)



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