About Luz

Energy-Healer Luz Foerstner shares her story:

I'm a healer. My powers come from my Shamanic roots in Peru. Since I was nine years old, I have been able to communicate with my guides: Soul and Mother Earth. To focus my natural abilities, I've spent years learning Yogic Healing Methods. I work directly with my guides to facilitate your healing of physical, emotional and mental problems whether they originate from a current imbalance or past lives.

You can be a healer too! Your body is meant to heal its self. We get stuck in patterns that cause us problems in our life. I can help you get in touch with your Soul to dissolve these patterns and get the motivation  to improve your life to let the healing begin. I would love to be you partner in healing. Together we can change your mind and you can heal yourself. Live the life that you were meant to live!


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